A Guide to Finding the Best Waist Trainers for You

Whether curvy or petite, every woman dreams of having an attractive hourglass figure. We want well-rounded breasts, hips, and rear ends that go along with tiny, cinched in waists. Many of us diet and have intense exercise training sessions trying to achieve this look.

However, even great diets and exercise are sometimes just not enough to achieve this goal. It takes the strictest diet and a true commitment to intense exercise to get those results and if you ever cheat, your gains are quickly lost. Thankfully, we have a tool at our disposal that can help us have a small waist without making extreme sacrifices. Here, we will talk about the best waist trainers. If you want to read some great info on the waist training process ← Click.

How to find the Best Waist Trainer?

kim kardashian waist trainerwaist trainer is a clothing device made out of strong fabric, designed to provide pressure around your midsection in order to cinch your waist in, giving you a gorgeous hourglass figure.

It can be made out of many different materials and it comes in all kinds of colors and styles with different types of closures, like Velcro, laces and zippers.

Some of the best waist trainers are made with boning inside to give you a lot of compression. Others can also rely on stitching and pure compression.

A lot of waist trainers are meant to be worn underneath your workout clothes or regular clothes. But, some of them are very attractive and even sexy. So you may like to show them off and make them a stylish part of your outfits (if Kim K. can, you can!). The choices are varied to fit the styles, needs and tastes of different people.

How Do the Best Waist Trainers Work?

Waist cinchers work by using compression to rearrange fat and excess skin and by gradually tightening in order to slightly move your floating ribs and thus tightening the circumference of your waist. They can be worn anytime, but some are made to be worn especially while training and working out.

Waist training is a gradual process and the best waist cinchers are designed to be worn for increasing lengths of time (up to 8 hours a day!) and are gradually tightened so that your waist slowly gets smaller and smaller. Waist trainers are also useful, because they remind you to keep your stomach muscles and the rest of your core engaged and act as a sort of lap band, preventing you from overeating while you have it on.

So, having a waist trainer will rearrange your waist, help you constantly engage and thus build your core muscles, and help you eat less throughout your day.

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What you need to know before getting a Waist Trainer

Waist training is not really painful, but it can be rather uncomfortable, especially when you first put it on. So, is the discomfort worth the results? Yes! That’s the answer that will be given to you by many of the people and fitness enthusiasts that have tried waist training.

Your body is immediately slimmed down and your silhouette is made much more attractive the minute that you put on a good waist trainer. Your posture improves greatly, because a waist trainer will prevent you from slouching and will also support your bust, so that you feel less back pain and appear immediately more attractive.

Moreover, with consistency, time and dedication, your waist will be smaller, even when you are not wearing it. By wearing a waist trainer consistently for about a month, it’s expected an average amout of 1.5 to 2 inches of waist size reduction.

What Are Fitness and Beauty Bloggers Saying About Waist Trainers?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that waist training is super popular among celebrities. It’s hard not to find Instagram posts and images of some of them wearing their waist trainers and flaunting their tiny waists. How else would they get such curvy bodies? But to really learn about the effectiveness of corsets and which ones are the best waist trainers, there’s no better place to turn to than to beauty bloggers.

They like to experiment with new things and they like to tell it like it is! When it comes to find the best waist trainers, they really have the 411. Here are a couple of videos you should check out.

Coco Lili is a beauty blogger who talks about everything from waist training and fitness to foundations and every day beauty routines. Check out one of her videos:


Rocio Laura is a fitness blogger who makes videos in English and Spanish. She is a waist training advocate, too:

Most any woman who wants to shrink her waist and have a proportional and attractive hourglass figure can and should consider waist training. As long as you are healthy and have no counter indications (such as spinal problems, scoliosis, and other such) and are over 18 years old you can waist train. It’s important to remember that anyone under 18 is still growing and their muscles and bones are still developing, so it’s a really bad idea to try and waist train at that time.

Waist training is a great tool for women who work out, but it’s also extremely effective for those who do not hit the gym. However, when combined with diet and exercise, those who have a lot of weight to lose will find the results of their waist training much faster and effective than people who have less weight to lose.

Waist training is also extremely effective for post-partum women who need support for the recovery of their tummy, back and waist after the vaginal or c-section birth of a child.

Which are the Best Waist Trainers on the Market?

Due to their popularity among celebrities and fitness bloggers on the internet, waist trainers have become very easy to get. The internet is flooded with options for cheap waist trainers and some really, really expensive ones. Finding the best waist trainer for you, then, can be an extremely overwhelming task. Not all waist trainers are made equally. And all of the best waist cinchers aren’t exactly the ones that are the most expensive.

The most important:

  • Take a look at different types
  • Compare reviews and the results of other women
  • Carefully consider your needs, tastes, body, comfort
  • Consider your budget

Here, we have listed our 4 favorites for your convenience, but, you can check many different waist trainers in this page of ShapewearTrends.  They are all very high quality, effective, and have something a little different to offer you. At this point, it’s just about what suits your tastes and lifestyle best.

TOP 4 of our Best Waist Trainers

This corset is made with high quality and flexible materials that include latex, spandex and cotton. It has steel boning and offers great post-partum support and true waist cinching. Once you put it on, it instantly slims your waist by two inches and improves your posture, giving you an appealing silhouette overall. It has three rows of eye and gook closures to ensure a tight fit and continued tightening as your waist becomes smaller. It comes in beige, black, blue, purple and pink.

This light weight and high quality sexy waist training corset is made of polyester blends, spandex and cotton, and will help re-shape your waist in a comfortable and fashionable way. The design is comfortable, light weight and breathable. This corset has 3 rows of hooks, so that it can be adjusted and tightened as your waist becomes smaller, offering a long-lasting tight fit that trains your waist into an hourglass shape. The corset comes in two neutral colors (black and cream) for use under all types of clothing.

This cummerbund slimming belt is made of soft and breathable nylon that compresses and supports your stomach, waist and back to reshape your silhouette in a comfortable and effective way. This adjustable cummerbund has an additional Velcro strap belt to adjust to your body. The belt and adjustable elastic are “anti-rust and anti-distortion”, so you know that it’s long-lasting. This slimming belt comes in two neutral colors (black and cream) for use under all types of clothing.

This waist trainer, which is made of spandex and polyester, is flexible and supportive with three rows of hook and eye closures for adjustable tightening and a zipper. The adjustable straps makes it more comfortable. It cinches and molds your waist thanks to the flexible steel boning inside. The cotton inside makes it extremely soft and comfortable for extended wear. This corset comes in black and nude.

Waist training is an effective way of reducing your waist’s size. As long as you do it safely, gradually and consistently, you will see long-lasting and beautiful results in the shape of your silhouette. It’s important to have a good quality waist trainer, so why not look for the best waist trainer? Just remember that the process is a marathon, not a sprint, so be patient in your journey. Take pictures and document your process, because the changes will be dramatic!