Amazing Ideas to Style Curvy Figure

Curvy” generates controversy as to its meaning, while some say that it is a woman who is not thin but also is not fat and still maintains the existence of the term plus size for women who are overweight, others say that curvy size are the new plus size, because that name was cruel and discriminatory.

The truth of the matter is: Curvy ladies are killing it when it comes to styling. Curvy women wears very fashionable outfits and are making it great time on the catwalk despite the fact that in the old days only thin, tall, skinny women could actually showcase a fashion trend. Things have changed, and changed for the best.

They are dictating nowadays some of their own way of self love and empowerment whereas in the past that would have been considered as a nightmare ready to undertake a painful task of losing weight. They could not have been widely accepted for what they really were.

So, the bigger the challenge the more options are available to create, design and conceive a unique fashion style for a woman with broader perspective. Some are incorporating features such as butt lifter to a specific model, others are creating garments like bodysuit which were the object of desire for many women in the past.

Great ideas for curvy bodies

Curvy body shapes are known as the ideal ones. Shoulders and hips are on the same line. The breasts are medium and the curves are smooth and proportionate. The strong point of the body is the thin waist. Therefore, the important thing is to value your lines, which are beautiful and harmonic by nature. The ideal is always to keep the waist defined, so learn how to make your waist smaller. Otherwise, your body will lose its curves and your image will look rectangular.

  • Value your silhouette

Choose tops and dresses with pleats to highlight your curves and also wear coats with belts. Value you beautiful arms with tank tops, sleeveless blouses and deep V necklines. To give the impression of stretching the legs is always a good choice to leave the silhouette elegant. Choose pants made from fabric with thin stripes motives and the hem-draped skirts just above the knees.

Tips and tricks

When choosing a blazer, choose the medium size lapels so you do not increase the width of your torso. It is essential that the modeling is marked at the waistline to shape the body. Avoid straight cuts.

Comfortable pieces made from fluffy fabrics are great for you. But remember that it is essential to mark the waistline. The belt is your great ally. Thin, thick, smooth, textured, with or without embellishments, it guarantees to shape and value what your body has the most beautiful: your waistline.

Always choose:

  • Chiffon fabric
  • Monochromatic fabric
  • Lightweight trousers and skirts
  • Cache Coeur dresses
  • High or marked waistline
  • Bands and belts

Always avoid:

  • Structured models
  • Double button
  • Slim or loose fit
  • Loose trousers or slim legs
  • Short blouses or tops
  • Jackets without a marked waistline

It is easy to style a curvy body… if you know how! Please NOTE:

I am sure you may have noticed that defining the waistline is a fundamental rule when choosing to style a curvy figure.  The belt is your great ally in this task and you can still choose the model that most pleases you, be it thin, thick, smooth, patterned, among others. The important thing is to highlight your curves!

For any curvy woman, the slightly defined waistline rule also applies to coats and blazers, which should not “color” your butt and hip so you should prefer neutral and dark colors like the classic black or keep the same tone of pants with the jacket / blazer combination.

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