The recovery is a long process, but it’s important to take the steps to ensure you are healthy, happy and satisfied with your body and how strong and amazing it is. Many women may feel sad and get down on themselves, because of their bodies, which is why it’s really important to do something about it! Recovery takes time and your body won’t be exactly the same as it used to be, but it will recover and you will look and feel great again! A postpartum girdle can go a long way in helping you recover your body and self-confidence faster and in a beneficial way.

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Which Are The Best Postpartum Girdles for New Moms This Year?

Welcome to motherhood! And if this is not your first rodeo, welcome back! It’s an amazing time filled with so much love, sweetness, sleeplessness and stress. New mother’s go through many ups and downs, but wouldn’t give up the experience for anything!

Even though you are filled with so much love for your baby, however, it’s important to remember to have some self-love too! And in a time when your body has gone through so much and has achieved so much (you did bring new life after all!) its normal for it to feel a little worn and beat up.

What is a Post-Partum Girdle

postpartum girdle fits tightly around the torso, belly, and hips in order to cynch in the waist and help reshape the body after having a c-section or the vaginal birth of a baby.

Post-partum girdles should fit snuggly around the midsection, without being overly tight, in order to maximize their benefits. The tightness and compression is what helps improve posture and helps tighten the skin and compress the uterus so that mom can recover after the baby’s birth, There are several types of postpartum underwear available for mothers that can fit your style, comfort and needs.

Benefits of a Post-Partum Body Shaper

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Post-partum underwear and body shapers offer several different benefits to women who have recently had a baby. They are not simply beneficial for a mother’s appearance, but they have real health and emotional benefits as well. Here we will go over a few of them:

Aids in C-Section Recovery

Wearing a post-partum girdle, offers protection and support for the incision made during a c-section, which reduces the chances of the c-section sutures breaking, the wound becoming eviscerated, or the incision of the c-section being compromised due to sudden movements, which are difficult to avoid when trying to take care of a newborn baby.

Aids in the Draining of the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system in your body needs muscle movement to push fluids through in order to perform functions that are vital for your well-being. Postpartum body shapers compress the abdominal area and your uterus in order to reduce the collection of fluids and thus reduce swelling and allowing for faster healing and recovery of your body.

Helps Rectify Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti is the separation of your abdominal wall. It is a common occurrence during the grow of your belly during pregnancy. Regular abdominal exercises can actually cause the Diastasis Recti to become more aggravated, which is why specialized exercises and a post-partum girdle are needed. Even without diastasis-recti, women need adequate core strength and stability for proper lifting and carrying after delivering a baby and postpartum underwear is made to do just that.

Helps Rectify Pendulous Abdomen

Pendulous abdomen occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall become increasingly weaker making the uterus tips forward. This condition is not merely a cosmetic issue, it can actually affect childbirth deliveries in the future, because it can interfere with the descent of a baby from the uterus during childbirth.

Relieve Lower Back Pain

Back pain is something that occurs in women during pregnancy and after childbirth. The support and compression of a post-partum girdle helps reduce uterus swelling and supports the lumbar region, giving you better posture and prevention and relief of back pain.

Top 7 Postpartum Girdles 2017

There are many post-partum underwear and post-partum girdles out on the market today. Choosing the right one can be extremely overwhelming, which is why we will provide you a list with some of the best options out there that will fit your style and needs. You can check them in this page of our store.

Polyester Postpartum Abdominal Recovery Belt

This breathable 3 in one belt offers three different Velcro enclosures to ensure maximum tightening and comfort. It has a waist belt, belly belt, and pelvis belt to provide a custom fit to the different parts of your body. It comes in a light tan color so that it can be worn under all of your clothing without being seen.

Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt

This maternity belt is designed to provide support for your growing belly during pregnancy, which can get very heavy and cause back pain. The Velcro enclosure ensures that you can adapt the belt to your growing belly throughout your pregnancy. After pregnancy, you can tighten the belt to provide compression and support for your recovery. It comes in light beige so that it can be worn under your clothing.

Post Partum High Waisted Control Panty

Made with strong, yet flexible materials, this panty offers all of the post-partum control you have been looking for. It has a high waist that offers control for your tummy, back, and hips. The reinforcement of the bands ensures a very tight and firm hold that will leave you comfortable and confident. It is perfect for post-partum women and for any woman who want to cinch in her waist and camouflage the tummy. Follow this link to check all of our high waisted panties!.

Dual Purpose Pregnant Postpartum Corset Belly Belt

A dual purpose maternity belt is designed to provide support for your growing belly and your back during pregnancy. The Velcro enclosure ensures that you can adapt the belt to your growing belly throughout your pregnancy. For postpartum women, this belt can be adjusted to provide compression and slimming to the belly. This belt comes in black, pink or light tan.

Cotton Maternity Pregnancy Support Belly Band

Made of 81% nylon and 19% spandex, this breathable and soft belly band provides support for your growing belly during pregnancy. It protects the ligaments in your belly, braces the abdomen and the waist. It comes in pink, white, black and tan.

3in1 Women Postpartum Recovery Belly/Waist/Pelvis Belt

This three in one post-partum belly belt has a waist belt, belly belt, and pelvis belt to fit and compress around the different parts of your body. It is breathable and very supportive. It comes in a light tan color that can be worn under all of your favorite clothing.

Women’s Maternity Belt

This pregnancy belt offers ideal support during and after pregnancy for the belly, back and pelvis. It helps you maintain correct posture, improving back and ligament pain. The Velcro ensures that you can adjust it for a comfortable fit during pregnancy and tighten it for compression afterwards.

You don’t have to live with the discomfort of post-pregnancy belly issues. With the right post-partum girdle you can find support, comfort and aid on your journey to recovery. With the right undergarments, you will feel comfortable, look great and help get your body back into a strong and healthy shape.