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Spice up your figure, cinch in your waist, and lift up your rear end with a boyshort shaper. Our boy short panties smooth the waist, the back, the tummy, and hips, adjusting perfectly to your body and enhancing what nature has given you. They offer firm support underneath almost any kind of clothing, while providing full coverage. They can be worn under dresses, skirts and shorts, hugging your curves and accentuating your sexy silhouette, all without leaving unsightly lines and bunches on your clothes. Boyshort underwear and shapewear slips are the best ways to highlight your body's natural beauty.

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If you are looking for boyshort underwear, body shaper buttock lifter, now you are at the right place to get it! Our magical and expertly designed body shapers have seams serve to enhance your curves, especially the buttock- making it look rounder no flatter.

Many women think that it is very important to get body shapers that are slimming and are able to enhance, not flatter, their hourglass figure, Which means not flattening the butt and hips. Our body shaper boyshort panties also features tummy control, thus reducing and compressing the aspect of the abdomen and waist.

Your silhouette will have smooth and shape without no extra pinching, bunching, or ungainly rolls that can be designed. The quality materials and the design of our shapewear allow you to have a comfortable experience when wearing these pieces of undergarments. Our designs make them easy to put under your clothes. The outer layers flex we have designed to tighten and cinch while our inner layers offer a soft and fresh feeling on the skin.

It is possible to wear Boyshort shapers after surgery or after post-partum to protect and tighten the flabby skin quickly. It is one of the reasons, which make them so popular with new mothers. However, they are not your granny underwear! They are still sexy and will leave you with a shapely and feminine figure that will boost your confidence and leave you ready to face the world.